August 16, 2011
"The golf-resort faรงade of Tucson makes me want to lie down and die, and it seems especially inadvisable in a town nearly bereft of water, but fortunately Tucson is so complicated, and so paradoxical, that it never entirely tolerates or rewards the capitalist version of itself."

The novelist Rick Moody visits Tucson, Arizonaโ€”and reports back. (via newsweek)

Murray-bait. (Canโ€™t believe I beat Brown to this.)

I mean, it’s Rick Moody. So while that absolutely meaningless sentence does make my blood boil, I’m comforted to see that it was written by a fool. Leave it to a consummate tourist like him to come away from Tucson thinking that the well-watered golf courses are some kind of metaphor for the city. It’s like a dramatic 20-year-old in a college writing workshop wrote this article based solely off a wikipedia article.

Fuckin’ Moody.

(via askjerves)

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